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Albion House Hotel

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di 443 Alloggi Londra
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Not the best


Coppia giovane, 3/2011

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The facilities on the website look very good, but in fact the room we were allocated was quite dirty and we didn't like it very much. I'm sorry but a bit expensive for its value. The room seemed as if the cleaning staff had checked only the bed sheets. Some sugar bags were open and empty, no information if we could drink water from the tap. It was a disappointment..........

Inserita il: 27/04/2011

Management response to review: Not the best

Dear Sir Madam,

We always read our revies and act on them immmediately.

We use this as a guide to letting us know where we are going wrong and how we can improve. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our customers happiness. We are once again embarking on a refurbishment and upgrade of our rooms. This will be completely finished during the next few weeks.

Please inform us immmediately if you dont like anything and we will put it right for you straight away . We are working very hard to ensure all our rooms and facilties are up to standard.

Thank you for your time Manager

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